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Scott Berry Consulting Group (SBC Group) offers professional coaching services in the Asia Pacific region to individuals and organizations, to help them meet and exceed their personal, professional and corporate goals. We serve the international development sector, civil society groups and commercial enterprises in the services, retail, tourism and sales industries.

As part of our commitment to helping people live healthier and happier lives, Scott Berry Consulting Group manages an information portal that we call SBCHealthNet.

SBCHealthNet is a news and information site for people with chronic and life-threatening illnesses and those who love them. SBCHealthNet offers free news and resources to help people survive and thrive when they’re living with chronic and life threatening illness.

Scott Berry

Scott Berry is the principal executive coach at SBC Group. Scott is a clinical psychotherapist with a PhD and an MBA. He brings over 20 years of experience in leadership, counseling and team coaching to provide groundbreaking and transformational experiences for individuals, teams and organizations. Using psychodynamic techniques, combined with neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Scott helps people and teams move beyond their limits, toward personal and professional success.

Nikorn Chimkong

Nikorn Chimkong is the General Manager of Scott Berry Consulting Group. Nikorn has a bachelor degree in marketing and 15 years of executive leadership experience in the banking and financial services sector in Thailand. As well, he devotes his free time to non-profit organizations and projects. Nikorn sits on boards and committees that deliver projects to improve the health and wellbeing of Thais and migrant workers in Thailand.