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SBCHealthNet is for people who live with chronic and life threatening illness and the health professionals who help them.

Here you'll find health news, free downloads, podcasts, books and videos, all designed to keep you happier and healthier and to connect you with others like you.

SBC Group is a health development agency based in Bangkok and contributing to the global movement for better health.

As we’ve travelled the globe designing and influencing community health systems, we’ve wanted to talk directly to individuals living with illnesses.

In 2016 we started to transform this website in to a health-news magazine for health professionals and a multimedia health education site that aims to put people living with illnesses in control of their health.

Scott Berry

Scott is the principal for SBC Group. He has been working in health and social welfare for nearly 30 years and has PhD, an MBA and qualifications in psychotherapy and community development. Over the past decade, Scott has been providing high quality technical services to government and organizations across the Asia Pacific. Scott writes on all the topics that appear on our website. In fieldwork, Scott specializes in designing community health services and systems, on coaching leaders, managers and field workers for high quality practice.

Dr Sai Pye Myo Kyaw

Dr Sai is the SBCHealthNet medical specialist on health and wellbeing. Sai’s career spans 10 years in disaster management and mitigation, communicable diseases and reproductive health in Myanmar and Thailand. Dr Sai spent two years working with PACT Myanmar after cyclone Nargis hit Yangon. Dr Sai has a medical degree and Master of Public Health. He has practice-managed community health teams working in the slums of Asia and multiple projects funded by USAID and the United Nations.

Anne Esquerra

Anne is one of our SBCHealthNet resident writers. She writes on health topics that include type-2 diabetes, depression and cancer. Anne has both graduate and post-graduate qualifications in teaching. She has lectured at international Universities and undertaken academic research and assessment for language institutions. Anne led the management teams at several private colleges before giving up work to start a family. More recently, Anne has been writing as a freelance journalist for online publications, including SBCHealthNet.

Adan Miranda

Adan is the SBCHealthNet social media and website support specialist. He helps to get the word out about SBCHealthNet and to ensure that we communicate with people requesting help, quickly and effectively. Adan has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and more than 5 years of experience in technical service delivery for organizations focused on health, tourism and helpdesk services for internet and computer firms. Adan has a strong passion for education. He is currently extending his qualifications by studying for a teaching degree. Adan believes that education is key to helping children and adults to live better lives.