Coaching services in Bangkok

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Scott Berry Consulting offers life coaching, management coaching and group packages for organizations and teams.

Coaching services in Bangkok

Scott Berry Consulting offers tailored coaching services that include life coaching, management coaching and group coaching packages. We're based at Silom in Bangkok and available for a free, no obligation intake meet-up.

  • Life Coaching helps people develop their capacity to live their dreams. It involves talking and reflecting on challenges and barriers, “dreaming” of the future you wish to create, and then planning and acting to make that future a reality. Self-coaching is an important part of life coaching because it helps you take the most supportive aspects of the coaching relationship and apply them to your daily life. Here's what one of our clients said after receiving life coaching:

"Scott helped me when I was depressed because of my situation between work and home. Scott's coaching really helped me get on top of things." 

Kyaw Zaya Swe, TOP Center, Yangon Myanmar

  • Executive Coaching helps leaders and managers meet their personal and professional goals. It builds confidence for public speaking; helps to embed a discipline  for staff supervision, for performance management, team leadership and communicating for results. Executive coaching is always tailored to the unique, personal and professional goals of each client. Here's what one of our clients said after receiving executive coaching:

“Scott is one of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met. He's so energetic, compassionate, humble, non-judgmental, honest, and FUN! I loved to talk with him and I always ended up feeling much better and felt more open afterward.” 

Niken Waiyastuti, Technical Advisor, United Nationals Population Fund, Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Newstarter Coaching supports managers that have just been promoted in to leadership. It includes coaching to develop the client’s leadership presence. It includes skills for one-to-one supervision, resources and knowledge for team leadership. Support to monitor sales/service results and revenue is often part of the package. It includes troubleshooting when in a crisis as well as coaching to manage poor performers. Here's what one of our clients said after receiving Newstarter coaching:

“Scott is an amazing consultant and [a] great person. I am so delighted to recommend him to anyone who wants to improve his work performance or strengthen team work!” 

Ainura Moldokmatova, Moniroting and Evaluation Specialist, Population Services International, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

  • Group Coaching assists teams to meet personal, professional and organizational goals. It focuses on increasing a team’s collective IQ. Group coaching includes learning exchange, self-assessment, training in new ways of leading, managing and communicating and modeling new leadership behaviors. Resolving dynamics that impede success is a part of group coaching.  Group coaching is tailored to needs of the organization and team. Here's what one of our clients said after receiving group coaching:

“Scott is one of the most motivated people about his work. His determination to help people is just awesome. A great team builder and an inspiring coach.”

Daniel Benz, Toneyes Web Design and Media Agency, Bangkok Thailand


Scott Berry is a member of the International Coach Federation and abides by the International Coaching Code of Practice.


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